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2 Corinthians 5:7 “For we walk by faith not by sight”


The idea of this exciting initiative is three-fold. In our 120th year (2013) GB will join together to:
 Raise awareness of the issues and needs of girls all around the world.
 Raise money for GB’s projects and work all around the world.
 Raise the profile of GB in local communities - let’s celebrate 120 years of mission amongst girls!
For many years now GB International has provided seed fund grants to GB teams in countries around the world and scholarships to young women who are passionate to gain skills and experience in mission amongst girls and young people.
In 2013 we have a great opportunity to celebrate GB’s 120th year of Christian mission amongst girls by raising new funds to enable these grants and scholarships to grow. By joining in with Walkathon 120 girls, their friends, parents and churches can make a significant contribution.
A target amount will be set per girl with the funds raised from this going into GBI’s GIVEaGIRLaHOPE fund. Money raised over and above the target for the GIVEaGIRLaHOPE Fund can be used by Fellowships, Countries and/or Companies.
How will the “Walkathon 120” work?
The event will be part of the 2013 GB Week and Prayer Wave, and will provide opportunities for:
 Worldwide prayer focusing on each Fellowship
 Churches to join GB in praying for girls in their part of the world
 Publicity and promotion
 Raising funds for GB International as well as for Fellowships, Countries and/or Companies.
Here’s how girls and groups can get involved
1. Decide how far the sponsored walk will be. Let’s use 120 as a theme eg 120 km, 120 minutes, 1.2km etc (Ensure distances are achievable by the different age groups!)
2. Every walker is asked to get sponsorship for their walk. This can be from family, friends, church members etc. An example is: Sponsored walk is 12 miles or kilometres, if a walker gets sponsorship of $2 US* per mile/km from 5 friends they will raise $24 from each sponsor = $120 in total! * change the currency to suit your country.
3. Sponsorship cards will be created and sent out early in 2013 which each country can then personalise for use.
4. In order to raise awareness of girls’ issues through the walk, countries will be encouraged to plan a route that includes passing one or two places that influence girls (eg schools, school bus stops, fashion shops, media centres like radio stations or music stores etc).
5. In conjunction with No 4 above a Prayer Wave guide will be produced to help walkers think about (and where appropriate) pray for issues around these significant places
6. Publicity – this event is a huge publicity opportunity for GB around the world. We need to let Churches know, schools know, new places know about GB. We need to “hit the world” and let them know that “GB is walking the world for girls”. Publicity packs will be sent out early in 2013.
7. GBI will provide information for countries to adapt and use as press information locally.
8. Target: The Walkathon 120 Team is considering what the target will be per member and this will be communicated early in 2013. Currently there are around 109,000 girls in GB around the world – if all members raised even $1 for International – the GIVEaGIRLaHOPE fund would be able to provide so much more support to GB’s growing work!
9. The Walkathon is also an opportunity for Fellowships, Countries and companies to use this initiative as a fundraising venture. After reaching the “International Target” anything extra could be channelled into their ongoing GB work.
Prayer Wave:
As you are aware the concept of the GB prayer wave is that GB members, partners and Churches worldwide will spend a few minutes each hour between 9 am and 9pm on the 10th June, praying for girls and the lives they face in the different Fellowships around the world.
You will be contacted by a member of the Walkathon Team who will gather together specific prayer requests from your country. These will then be collated into a Prayer Wave resource for distribution. Again this will be in the New Year.
What a great way to celebrate 120 years of GB International.

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